Sheila, NY


"When they sent my daughter home from school with lice, I panicked. I didn't know what a louse or a nit looked like. I certainly didn't know how to get them out of my daughter's head. I felt so helpless! Then my good friend told me about Eliana. I was so relieved to know that there was someone out there who would take care of everything for me. And you did! Just like you said you would. Quickly and professionally. And you were so nice too. I'm so grateful!"

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Star, Williamsburg,…

I wish I had found out about Eliana before everyone in our family got lice. She was wonderful, thorough and calm; and finally we are lice free. And she is wonderful with children. Highly, highly recommend.
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Marcella, Williamsburg,…

Eliana was a savior, she came quickly after I contacted her and treated the family. She is pleasant, professional but mostly made my children feel so comfortable. so much so, my daughter wrote her a thank…
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Lindsey, Queens,…

I am the mother to 5 school aged children that have had lice on multiple occasions. I would highly recommend working with Eliana to help with this pesty issue. She is very efficient and also a pleasure…
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Coleen, Queens,…

We called at 5 meeting on friday before mothers day and Eliana and a coworker showed up at my home at 7:45 by 11:30 they had myself and 2 children lice free thank you so so much tried another service…
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