Everything you need to know about Lice Treatment and more

Not only do we personally take care of the lice, we also want to make sure our valued customers understand and are aware of the whole process and how it works. You will find all the details and facts about the treatment described on this website.

Why Lice Treatment?

In-Home Pediculus Humanus Capitis (Head Lice Removal)

Choosing a Lice Treatment Group, will enable your entire family to be checked and treated in one simple visit. We will eliminate your family's head lice in just one visit. We always use products that are natural, pesticide-free and non-toxic which will never harm your children or your home. Our lice removal technicians are experts at making kids comfortable and the process quick, fun, and pain-free. They understand the trauma of having a lice infestation in the home and are here to help.

Our goal is to help you get rid of this problem.

Lice Treatment Group, has been helping hundreds of families, schools, camps, and physicians get rid of head lice. Our lice removal services are designed to get your child back in school the same day.

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How does it work?

We use the Shepherd MethodTM of Strand by Strand Nit Removal which is a technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice and nits (eggs) have been removed.

The only treatment method that works 100% of the time is to manually remove all lice and all nits. Manual removal of all lice and nits is necessary to eliminate the infestation.

For more information on the Shepherd Method, click here http://www.shepherdinstitute.com/

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  • Pricing. We are a competitively priced head lice treatment service in New York City.
  • Flexible. Evening hours and weekends.
  • Fast. We arrive on time and discreetly for treatment of lice.
  • Service. We screen each family member for nit or lice symptoms.
  • Safe. We have the best head lice removal natural and organic products and tools to make follow-up hair lice prevention, easier.
  • Informative. We Provide in-home education and tips on how to prevent lice.
  • 100% Guarantee.

The #1 Head Lice Solution. One Time Results - Guaranteed!

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Our Products

Splashing Mint Hair Spray. 8 FL OZ / 237 ML

Our Products

Splashing Mint…

Product Suzette's Care Splashing Mint Hair Spray, is a peppermint oil based formula, non-toxic and natural way to prevent head lice. Lice and Nits hate the smell and stay away. Suzette's Care Splashing Mint Hair Spray, it is the best way to preventing lice as well as detangles and protects the hair.
Price $15.00
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Guarantee Policy

Lice Treatment Group - Guarantee Policy

At LTG Lice Removal Services, we take pride in our work and believe in the services that we provide you with. We are dedicated to making sure that you and your family are completely satisfied and offer a 15 day guarantee after your lice treatment appointment.

Our Guarantee Requires:

* All household members and caregivers (babysitters are considered to be part of a “household”) are checked and treated if necessary for head lice on the same day by an LTG technician otherwise the guarantee is void- no exceptions.

* You and your family follow the aftercare instructions, which will be provided by your Lice Removal Expert

*If head lice are discovered after following the aftercare instructions, clients will be treated free of charge. We do request that you save any evidence of lice and/or nits as there must be evidence of an active lice infestation in order for the guarantee to apply. 

*The customer will be required to pay for a Head Lice Check or Follow-Up Visit to determine whether head lice are present.

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Star, Williamsburg,…

I wish I had found out about Eliana before everyone in our family got lice. She was wonderful, thorough…
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